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3/4 value articulator Arti-Star (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

3D insulating agent



Articulator Arti-Star (Page from KKD-Catalogue)

Anti-Fog Protection Glasses

astron® CLEARsplint®  - Instructions

astron® CLEARsplint® Discs - Instructions

astron® CLEARsplint® discs - special print  (Excerpt from the magazine "das dental labor")

astron® CLEARsplint® Discs - The Origina(Page from KKD-Catalogue)

astron® CLEARsplint® Brochure
Clearsplint® resin, Labtec Pro, Labtec Reline, Clearsplint® CAD/CAM Pro, CLEARsplint® Discs

astron® CLEARsplint® CAD/CAM Pro - Instructions

 astron® Labtec Pro - Instructions
Denture material for interim restorations

astron® Labtec Reline  (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

astron® Labtec Reline - Instructions

Abrasive Cups (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)



Bluestar Diamat-Polishing paste

Boehme Telescope pliers "Flipper"

BRIGHT SPOT II™ from Taub™
liquid occlusion indicator

Brushes, Robinson (Page from KKD-Catalogue)

Bur Racks  (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)



Carbide burs Piranha

Catalogue KKD Dental Cabinet 2021-2022

Catalogue Topdent Laboratory 2021-2022

CLEARsplint® (Pages from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

CLEARsplint®  - Instructions

CLEARsplint® CAD/CAM Pro - Instructions

CLEARsplint® Discs - Special Edition
Extract from the magazine "das dental labor"

CLEARsplint® Discs - The Original  (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

CLEARsplint® - patient information

 CMT instruments

Condensation Type Silicone Impression System (KONDISIL V1 Putty / V3 "Light")

Contour™ Powder LIQUID GOLD from Taub™
Surface indicator

Crown- & Bridge Removal

Crown Grip Crown Holder

CrownGrip, CrownMaster, Crowny (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

Crown Holders (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

CrownMaster - Instruction

Crown Spreader, Crown Remover, Crown Instrument  (Page from KKD-Catalogue)

Curettes and scaler - EASY CLEAN

Curettes and scaler - Standard (Pages from KKD-Catalogue)

Carton high gloss polishing disc



Dental Stones and Plasters (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

Denture cleaning  DuraClean2™ (Page from KKD-Catalogue)

Denture cleaning DuraClean2™  - Instructions

Denture resin astron® Labtec Pro (Pages from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

Denture resin astron® Labtec Pro - Instructions
Denture base material fur interim restorations

Denture resin  astron® Labtec Pro   - Patient information

Dia-Blue - Polishing Systems for Zirkonic and Silicate Ceramics

Diamond Flex - high flexible diamond discs

Diamond polishing paste Bluestar®

DuraClean2™ Denture cleaning (Page from KKD-Catalogue)

DuraClean2™ Denture cleaning - Instructions



EASY CLEAN PA-Instruments

Extracting Forceps for adults and childrens

Extracting forceps for children (Page from KKD-Catalogue)



"Flipper" Telescope pliers, Type Böhme

Firing Supports  (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)



Haller clamp by Dr. Landenberger


I        +       J

Implantology - RB Line (Pages from KKD-Catalogues)

Impression trays  (Pages from KKD-Catalogue)

Inlay-Pin Pro Firing Set

Instrument markings (Page from KKD-Catalogues)

Insulating agent for printed 3D models

Jiffy Brushes (Page from KKD-Catalogue)



KFO-Zangen (Auszug aus TOPDENT-Katalog)

Kids - Products for children

KONDISIL - Condensation Type Silicone Impression System (V1 Putty / V3 "Light")



Labtec Pro, astron® (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

Labtec Pro,  astron® - Instructions
Denture base material for interim restorations

Labtec Pro,  astron® - Patient informations

 Labtec Reline,  astron® - Instructions

Luxating elevators and Root elevators (Pages from KKD-Catalogue)



Mandrelle (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

Mandrelle HP - Instructions


Meister-Finish Ceramic 

Milling blank astron® CLEARsplint® Discs - The Original (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

Milling blank CLEARsplint® Discs - Special Edition
Extract from the magazine "das dental labor"


Multifunctional trays SteWaFix 2.0 triColor A+



Neddle holders TC-Line

New Haller Clamp by Dr. Landenberger

NON-LATEX Sympatic Dam




OraLiner - Relining material

Oramask - Artificial gingiva material

OraSoft - Relining material



Plasters (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

Perladia - abrasive rubbers

Pliers  (Page from KKD-Catalogue)

Pliers for KFO  (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

Polishing brushes and buffing wheels for the polishing lathe

Polymerisation Pressure Pot Polypot

Pricelist 2022/2023

Probes (Page from KKD-Catalogue)

Protection Glasses Anti Fog

Protective paste for soldering - Metallex

PA Instruments Soft Color



Relining material OraLiner

Relining material OraSoft

Relining material astron® Labtec Reline (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

Relining material astron® Labtec Reline - Instructions

Root Elevators and  Luxating Elevators (Pages from KKD-Catalogue)

Rotating Tools (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

Rubber dam clamps Standard  (Pages from KKD-Catalogue)

Rubber dam clamps triColor Antirefect (Pages from KKD-Catalogue)

Rubber Dam Technique


RWT window x-ray® COLOR



Scaler and   curettes - EASY CLEAN

Scaler and curettes - Standard (Page from KKD-Catalogue)

Scissors SuperCut (SC) (Page from KKD-Catalogue)

Scissors SuperCut-TC (SC TC) (Page from KKD-Catalogue)

Scissors TC Line (Page from KKD-Catalogue)

Scissors (Standard)

Separating discs with glass-fibre grids

Soft COLOR PA Instruments

Special cutters for Peek, Pmma and Nylon


Stainless steel trays (Page from KKD-Catalogue)

SteWaFix multifunctional tray

SteWaFix Bur racks (Pages from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

Study Model

Sympatic Dam - Brochure

Sympatic Dam Premium



TC-Line Needle holders

TC-Line Scissors

Telescope pliers

triColor Antireflect Rubber dam clamps  (Pages from KKD-Catalogue)



U-Cutter - Universal cutting instrument for Impression Taking

UPOFIX® - Universal polishers (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)



VDS Syndia Diamonds





X, Y, Z

Zirkonia treatment

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