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Design at its best!
RWT X-ray Holder system with new bite blocks

Bite blocks at their best: sophisticated and more comfortable to handle.

RWT zeichnungen

  • Enhanced clamping part: image plates and films are gently hold in position.
  • The new design of holes enables an even easier attaching and separating of the bite blocks to/from the indicator arm.
  • On the back appropriate sizes are indicated.
  • Blocks are more rounded, hence less edges.
  • NEW: bite block „Posterior SMALL“ Size 0/1


RWT Bissplatten Neu

 KKD RWT Bissplatten available as individuals or in Sets:


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HK RB-LINE 5 Titanium cleaning brushes

14490 implaline buerstchen

14490 anwendung1

14490 anwendung2

The HK RB-LINE 5 Titanium cleaning brush for innovative and precise biofilm removal on rough titanium surfaces.
The RB-LINE 5 brushes have been developed to remove precisely biofilms during peri-implantitis treatments even on hard accessible areas. Used in a more intensive way it's even possible to smooth rough implant surfaces.
Contrary to rotating diamond instruments with this brush a regular surface treatment without weakening of the implant is achieved. Therefore also a displacement of titanium particles into peri-implant tissue is minimised.

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The Original CLEARsplint® Disc

Discs manufactured of CLEARsplint® - no mixing and refilling anymore

Amine-free and MMA-free milling blank for very aesthetic, clear and thermoactive comfort splints. In 3 versions available.

Disc with shoulder and Zirkonzahn


bite protection thermoactivated


Advantages of ASTRON CLEARsplint® that speak for themselves!

  • extremely break-resistant, hence optimal protection of the teeth
  • thermoplastic flexibility which provides greater, comfortable and tension-free wearing comfort
  • hypoallergenic, free of MMA (residual monomer content of MMA =0 )
  • self-adjusting with memory effect. This superb accuracy permits the closest fit
  • always transparent – will not yellow with age, since amine-free


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