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Innovative, in cooperation with Dr. Regina Becker – Düsseldorf newly developed and clinically tested special instruments for the maintenance therapie of implants as well as for the treatment of peri-implant inflammations (Mucositis or Peri-Implantitis).
The KKD® mf "RB-LINE" instrument line has been especially designed and optimised for these scopes of application. The special raw material properties and the design of the instruments guarantee a careful and effective working.



KKD® mf RB-LINE TiZi 3 Titanium implant curette

14470 implaline tizi

Universal instrument with zirconium nitride coated working tips made of titanium. The working tips allow a safe biofilm removal during the mainte- nance therapy on implants. The slight form and special angulation allow an atraumatic access even for thin and close implants. The special coating avoids a fast dulling of the tips, damages of the implant surface as well as metal abrasion. This instrument allows a more precise and more effective working compared to carbon instruments.
The KKD® mf RB-LINE TiZi 3 has been developed on the base of the well-known curette type Gracey and can be used for different implant diameters in all 4 quadrants. The instrument is only sharpened on the inner surface and rounded outside, thus avoiding an unintended thinning of the peri-implant soft tissue collar.

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KKD® mf RB-LINE 4 Zirconium nitride coated spatula

14475 implaline medikamentenspatel

Zirconium nitride coated special spatula with round- and longitudinal holes for improved application of antimicrobials in the peri-implant sulcus. The slight design of the spatula allows the use of the instrument for all implant diameters.

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KKD® mf RB-LINE 1 Mouth Mirror

14460 implantat spiegel

14460 anwendung

Big surface mirror focused on the clinical examination of the gingiva, the mouth floor- or pharynx area, the lingual tooth surfaces and prosthetic restaurations. Its optical properties enable a photo doumentation by the mirror.
Due to its elongated design the mirror KKD® mf RB-LINE 1 guarantees during the treatment (even without assistance) a safe retraction of e.g. the lingual soft tissues and a good optical control of the instrument application. The shank is furnished with a M 2.5 mm screw thread.

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KKD® mf RB-LINE TiZi 2 Titanium probe tip UNC 15

14486 implaline punc15 spitze

14486 anwendung

The special zirconium nitride coating of the tips enables a very rich-in-contrast evaluation of the penetration depth of the probe in the peri-im- plant sulcus. Because of the higher vulnerability of peri-implant tissues to inflammations compared to the tooth, it's recommended to use always a clean probe for sulcus depth measurement. Spreading of plaque from proximate periodontal pockets should be absolutely avoided. The millimetre gradations allow an exact measurement of the sulcus depth. The shank is furnished with a M 2.5 mm screw thread.

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KKD® RB-LINE 2 Probe tips made of plastic material

14480S implaline pcp12
Probe tips (PCP 12) made of top-quaity, autoclavable special plastic material. The tips are flexible and the shank is furnished with a M 2.5 mm screw thread.

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HK RB-LINE 5 Titanium cleaning brush

14490 implaline buerstchen

14490 anwendung1

14490 anwendung2

The HK RB-LINE 5 Titanium cleaning brush for innovative and precise biofilm removal on rough titanium surfaces.
The RB-LINE 5 brushes have been developed to remove precisely biofilms during peri-implantitis treatments even on hard accessible areas. Used in a more intensive way it's even possible to smooth rough implant surfaces.
Contrary to rotating diamond instruments with this brush a regular surface treatment without weakening of the implant is achieved. Therefore also a displacement of titanium particles into peri-implant tissue is minimised.

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 Special resins „made in USA"

CLEARsplint® Premium splints with thermoactive flexibility
for all kinds of splints, STRONG and FLEXIBLE

The advantages of the CLEARsplint® resin are its unique thermoactive flexibility, the extreme break-resistance and the resilience of the material when warmed up. Due to the mouth temperature the splint remains flexible which provides greater, comfortable and tension-free wearing comfort. The splint is self-adjusting with „memory-effect". This superb accuracy permits the closest fit.

bite protection – normal at room temperature


bite protection thermoactivated


Advantages of ASTRON CLEARsplint® that speak for themselves!

  • extremely break-resistant, hence optimal protection of the teeth
  • thermoplastic flexibility which provides greater, comfortable and tension-free wearing comfort
  • hypoallergenic, free of MMA (residual monomer content of MMA =0 )
  • self-adjusting with memory effect. This superb accuracy permits the closest fit
  • always transparent – will not yellow with age, since amine-free

The best solution for indications as easing the mandibular joint (bruxism), for the protection of implants, the adjustment of the occlusion etc.

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Cleaning agent for splints
DuraClean 2


Cleaning powder especially appropriated for astron CLEARsplint®
Premium Splints. Economical in use – sufficient for 48 cleanings.

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