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We, the Kentzler-Kaschner Dental company, well appreciated as manufacturer and distributor of dental products, supply from our head office in Ellwangen/Jagst well known quality products to dealers all over the world.

You will find our well-assorted sales programme in our catalogues below – available for looking through the pages directly online or as PDF file for download.

Additional services: besides our professional assortment custom-made products are a natural and frequently practised service of our Production Department.

Many of our products can be manufactured under private label as trademark. It's our pleasure to support you with our know-how for the development of tools for the serial production of special parts and materials for dental use.

Our competent in-house staff and field representatives ensure individual customer care, professional specialist advice and trainings. Note: Discover also our nationwide event-, training- and exhibition programme on our website.

Radiographing – Right angle- / Paralleling technique

RWT® Holding Systems, Holder – Parts for the conventional & digital roentgenographic technique, Accessories

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kkd kofferdam

Rubber Dam Technique

Rubber dam starter kit, Clamp Boards, Forceps & special instruments, Frames, Clamps: KKD® „Standard" & KKD® „triColor Antireflect", Sympatic Dam – rubber dam made of natural latex & free of latex, Accessories, New Haller Clamp acc. to Dr. Landenberger

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kkd instrumentarium


Diagnostics, Conservative Dentistry, Endodontics, Implantology, Periodontal Instruments, Surgery, Micro-Surgery, Extraction, Crown- & Bridge Removal, Special Pliers, Instrument Markings and -Care

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kkd prothetik


Impression trays, Impression material, Accessories for impression taking, Resins for direct relinings & accessories, Provisional crown- & bridge material, ASTRON® special resins – made in USA, Accessories / ASTRON®

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kkd reinigung


Instrument trays, Special cleaning brushes, Cleaning agents and accessories, Skin protection, Anti-fog protection glasses

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