Placing Rubber Dam in the dental cabinet

More and more often the use of rubber dam is indicated. Thereby microbiological aspects (antibacterial therapy) play a decisive role. Also during endodontic treatments (aspiration, caustic solutions, aseptic conditions) and restorations using adhesive bonding techniques and in conservative dentistry (absolute dryness) the use of rubber dam is indicated.

If the rubber dam is used in a correct way the rubber dam provides an optimal moisture control, an improved working safety, a protection against infection, improved vision and a quality improvement. But the precise, controlled and time-saving use of the rubber dam has to be learned. That's why we want to acquaint you to the rubber dam technique.
Our course instructors demonstrate the technique on a phantom head, explain the organizational steps beginning from the preparation to the placing – individually adapted according to indication.

The participants learn everything that is worth knowing about the classical rubber dam technique, how it is used in practice, as well as the correct handling of the auxiliaries. Furthermore, the participants have the possibility to place the rubber dam themselves on the phantom head.
Our experiences show that these courses are fully booked quite early therefore we recommend to register in time.


Rubber Dam Courses 2018 National

February  28/02/18


Rubber Dam Course
Venue: Munic


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Course instructor

Alexander Moses


Rubber Dam Courses 2018 International


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