The Right Angle- / Paralleling Technique

The dental-medical x-ray diagnostics demands fully detailled radiographs respecting at the same time specified dose limits for providing optimal radiation protection. High information value of the radiographs and the exact reproduction are the basic requirements for an exact diagnosis and follow-up examinations. Therefore quality standards regarding radiographs cannot be high enough. Considering the nowadays available technology, as a general rule, the quality of a radiograph is substantially affected not by insufficient appliance technology or materials but by incorrect positioning and film processing. According to experience fully detailed radiographs with high information value are only possible by using the Right Angle-/ Paralleling Technique.

Subject matter:

  • comparison Right Angle- / Bisecting Technique
  • risks and incorrect results by using the Bisecting Technique
  • basic requirements for the Right Angle- / Paralleling Technique
  • radiation burden when taking x-rays
  • correct handling of the Right Angle film holders
  • hands-on demonstration with individual tips
  • window-x-ray® roentgenographic technique with lead-lined aiming rings for reducing the radiation exposure by up to 70%


RWT Courses 2019 National 

 September 15/05/19


RWT Roentgenographic Course
Venue: St. Ingbert
Time: 14.00-16.00 o'clock


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Course Instructor

Josef Schwarz



RWT Courses 2020 International


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